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Our Experienced Team Knows a Thing or Two About Gates!


David started an apprenticeship in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in 1979. He became a licensed electricial  after four years of intensive training and on the job education. He worked on many various jobs, from small residential to huge commercial sites, learning the  trade inside and out. Then in 1993, he made the move to the Amarillo Pantex plant. Working as an electrician and later as a security maintenance specialist, he learned more about security and access control, from maintenance, to installation and repair. He retired from Pantex in 2016 and bought Amarillo Power Gate from a long-time family friend, Don Oliver. David has many ideas to grow the business, while keeping the customers satisfied is his number 1 priority.


David’s wife. Dana has a long term accounting background, plus is a realtor for Larry Brown Realtors. She does all the accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and keeps the guys in line.

levin SMITH

David’s son, Levin, started working with Don Oliver back in 2014/15 when Don began thinking about retirement. He learned the gate business from the best, so he can figure out most problems. Levin has excellent computer skills, and is able to find parts, manuals etc., even on his phone!  Between David and Levin, they have been able to figure out every problem that has come up.

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